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Handi-Spray Application Systems

For the application of CorrosionX Aviation, CorrosionX, CorrosionX Heavy Duty, NavGuard I, NavGuard II and other liquids

The Handi-Spray application systems were designed to atomize CorrosionX and CorrosionX Aviation into an incredibly fine, smoke-like fog. This fine atomization converts low and medium viscosity liquid products into micro-droplets, which stay suspended in the air for an extended period of time. This degree of atomization is key for achieving the most cost-effective and thorough application corrosion preventative compounds and other liquid products into airframes and other irregularly shaped enclosures where direct application is not practical (e.g. around blind corners, unreachable areas, etc.).

For example: When properly fogged into an enclosed area like an airplane wing, the suspended CorrosionX Aviation vapor will entirely fill the void of an enclosed area and deposit a light coating of the product on every surface. This allows CorrosionX Aviation to go around blind corners, to treat the back sides of spars and to penetrate into lap seams and other areas that cannot be sprayed directly.

In contrast, although overspraying and saturating an airframe using a common pump-up will usually not cause any damage, it will cause CorrosionX to drip and weep for longer than it needs to (not to mention wasting money by using excess product). The Handi-Spray systems will spray CorrosionX Heavy Duty nicely, but they are not able to atomize Heavy Duty as it is too thick to "fog".

Used extensively by the U.S. military as well as NATO forces, all CorrosionX products and Handi-Spray application equipment have been assigned National Stock Numbers (NSN) by the General Services Agency (GSA) and are available for procurement through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Official Treatment Centers

Corrosion Technologies has established an extensive network of CorrosionX Aviation Aircraft Treatment Centers that offer CorrosionX treatments as a customer service. Trained mechanics use special equipment to reach all compartments and difficult-to-access areas of the aircraft. Upon completion of the treatment, a special sticker attesting to the treatment is placed in the customer's logbook. Currently, there are more than 200 Treatment Centers operating throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.

Click here to find an Official CorrosionX Aviation Treatment Center.

Handi-Spray™ Application Systems

Handi-Spray 5 gallon system

5 gallon Handi-Spray™ system
Required Air Pressure: 80 PSI @ 5 - 6 CFM
Capacity: 5 gallons
Weight: 28 lbs
Hose: 25'
Color: Blue

Part Number: 10105
Basic unit (with 3 wands)...............$950.00
basic unit includes:

  • 1" cricket
  • 3' x 1/4" 360° wand
  • 3' Superflex

Part Number: 10105A
Complete unit (with all 6 wands).....$1,050.00

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2.5 gallon Handi-Spray™ system
Required Air Pressure: 80 PSI @ 5 - 6 CFM
Capacity: 2.5 gallons
Weight: 22 lbs
Hose: 10'
Color: Blue

Part Number: 10106
Basic unit (with 3 wands)...............$850.00
basic unit includes:

  • 1" cricket
  • 3' x 1/4" 360° wand
  • 3' Superflex

Part Number: 10106A
Complete unit (with all 6 wands).........$950.00

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Handi-Spray Beltpak
p/n 10108 or 10108A

Handi-Spray™ BeltPak system
Includes sprayer, web belt and holster
Required Air Pressure: 60-80 PSI @ 2 - 36 CFM Capacity: 1 quart
Weight: 7 lbs
Hose: 3'

Part Number: 10108
Basic unit (with 3 wands)...............$650.00

  • 1" cricket
  • 5" x 1/8" hook wand
  • 3' Superflex

Part Number: 10108N
Basic unit (with 3 wands specified by U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command NAVAIR for F/A-18 Hornet and other Dept of Defense applications)..............$650.00

    • 1" cricket
    • 5" x 1/8" hook wand
    • 3' x 1/4" 360° wand

Part Number: 10108A
Complete unit (with all 6 wands).........$750.00

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Handi-Spray BeltPak for NavAir
p/n 10108N

Application Wands

Handi-Spray cricket wand

Cricket Wand
Item No.: 41061
Size: 1"
Spray: Fan Blast
Price: $16.95

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Handi-Spray hook wand

Hook Wand
Item No.: 42015
Size: 5" x 1/8"
Spray: Cone
Price: $19.95

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Superflex Wand
Item No.: 42012
Size: 36" with flexible tubing Spray: Thin Fan
Price: $43.50

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3 foot wand

3 Foot Wand
Item No.: 42019
Size: 36" x 1/4"
Spray: 360°
Price: $31.25

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6 foot wand

6 Foot Wand
Item No.: 42018
Size: 72" x 3/16"
Spray: 45° Fan
Price: $44.95

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8 foot wand

8 Foot Wand
Item No.: 42016
Size: 96" x 1/4"
Spray: 360°
Price: $49.95

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Handi-Spray Beltpak
Handi-Spray BeltPak system
p/n 10108 or 10108A

U.S. Government's Joint Council on Aging Aircraft

"Properly applied, Corrosion-X with its penetrant, water displacement and corrosion protection properties virtually eliminates the need for operational aircraft electronics dehumidification and its related costs. Profit margin operations such as those of Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. and Chevron Oil who use Corrosion X have eliminated any thoughts of oil rig or flight line dehumidification."
Environmental Protection of Army Aircraft
Military & Scientific Research
American Power Jet Co.

"CorrosionX pretreated UH-60 aircraft vs. untreated UH-60 aircraft resulted in a savings of $152,000 per aircraft for refurbishment --- Also, the AH-1 aircraft refurbishments revealed saving so $192,000 per aircraft that were Corrosion-X pretreated."
Gale Rahmoeller and Jim Roberts
Army Aviation magazine

"This is to let you know about the very fine results we have obtained since treating our 1967 Cessna 182 with CorrosionX here in San Juan. Although the aircraft is operated exclusively in salty Caribbean environments, it is absolutely corrosion free."
Carlos A. Gual
Caribbean Aircraft Maintenance Treatment Center


CorrosionX Application Instructions and Tips

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